How to Cut your Hair at Home

Without access to your barber or hairstylist, there's some upkeep you
will want to take on yourself. You can keep your cut lasting longer and
looking fresh by cutting your hair at home.

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You Got This

When it
comes to your “first time” you no longer have to be afraid. Especially
when you have the right hair clipper. More and more people are home
haircutting, and with the right tool, it’s less scary. Surker offers
multiple clippers, so your “first time” will be worth bragging about

  • Patrick M

    I got this to replace a Gillette trimmer that died after a few years of use. The Surker one is great! It was cheaper than what I paid for the old one a couple of years ago and is of a much higher quality.

  • Linh Talcott

    Don't spend a bunch of money on a
    trimmer, this is perfect! I'm a man-scaper and like to stay well
    groomed, this is the perfect trimmer and more.

  • Zack Lam

    Serves my needs perfectly. As with any
    pair of clippers, be careful manscaping areas where your skin is not
    taut... I learned the hard way.

  • Jessy

    My very first epilator was battery operated (got this over 2 years ago), but I loved it so much because it was able to pull out hairs that were verily coming out

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